An Implantable, Battery-Powered, Wireless, Stimulator

ELAINE 2020, Rostock, Germany, 29-SEP-20

Kevan Hashemi
Open Source Instruments Inc.


Implantable Stimulator-Transponder (IST)

IST Type A3036B Specification

Separate Sensor and Stimulator

  • Implant stimulator and sensor.
  • Sensor inputs X+ and X−.
  • Stimulator outputs L+ and L−.
  • Stimulator and sensor batteries isolated.
  • Stimulus current does not flow into sensor.
  • Stimulus artifact in sensor <5 μV.
  • Permits external closed-loop control.
  • No internal closed-loop control.

Implantable Stimulator-Sensor (ISS)

ISS Type A3037A Specification


Status of Development:
Future Development:

Appendix: Rat-Sized IST (Added After First Day of Conference)

Specification of Rat-Sized Device

  • Equip the IST with a 1000-mA-hr lithium primary cell.
  • Same battery as our SCT version A3028L for rats.
  • Volume: 6.5 ml, well-tolerated by adult rats.
  • Animal Welfare: freely-moving, cohabiting mice.
  • Maximum Inactive Life: 16 years.
  • Maximum Stimulation Duration: 400 days.
  • Maximum Stimulus Current: 1 mA
  • Stimulus Voltage: 2.7 V.
  • Operating Range: 50 cm.
  • Control: single command for a regular stimulus.
  • Confirmation: transmits command acknowledgements.
  • Synchronization: data signal shows pulses.
  • Recharging: none.

SCT with Same Battery