Implantable Sensor with Lamp

Warning: We are offering the ISL system for sale with the understanding that the system is still new, and has not yet been part of a published research paper. We believe the device will meet or exceed our specifications when implanted in live animals, but a full-scale experimental trial with a dozen animals could present requirements that we have not yet met.


System Description

Implantable Sensor with Lamp: Description of the implantable optogenetic system.

Subcutaneous Transmitters: Description of the telemetry system upon which the ISL is based.

News Group: Private news group for optogenetics and telemetry users.

Mouse-Sizezd ISL: Technical Proposal for development of a mouse-sized ISL.

Parts and Prices: A list of devices and their prices.

Circuit Manuals

Command Transmitter (A3029): A 910-MHz transmitter for use with implanted ISLs.

Implantable Sensor with Lamp (A3030): An implantable lamp with wireless EEG monitor.

Fiber-Coupled LED (A3024HF): Head fixture with fiber-coupled LED for optical stimulation.

Older Documents

Development Logbook: Account of our progress with development, presented in blog format.

Technical Proposal: Specification, Schedule, and Budget for development of the Implantable Sensor with Lamp in collaboration with ION, UCL.

Conceptual Design: Draft design to motivate development of the Implantable Sensor with Lamp.

Command Transmitter-Receiver (A3023): Prototype transmitter and micropower receiver.

Implantable Lamp (A3024): Prototype command receiver and lamp driver.

Lamp Controller (A2060L): A LWDAQ-based pulse generator for controlling optogenetic illumination.