Infrared Backlight (A3046)

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We begin by transferring some of the design on the (A2045 Proximity Mask Head) to a larger backlight with 25 LEDs. The A2045 board was used for preliminary CPM1 experiments.

Figure 1: Circuit schematic for the A204601A Backlight.

This board has the same LWDAQ interface as A2045 but has more LEDs and is easily mountable. We include M3 holes on the corners of the backlight and design a diffuser holder that places the diffuser exactly 50mm from the backlight.

Figure 2: Finished backlight mounted on an optical breadboard.


[05-AUG-22] The Infrared Backlight (A3046) provides a flash of diffuse, infrared light distributed over a panel that acts as the background for silhouette images. The Infrared Backlight is one component of our Contactless Position Measurement System (CPMS). Development of the CPMS is funded by the United States Department of Energy (DoE) under Grant 13557088.



S3046_1: A304601A Schematic.


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